Why You Should Buy Diabetes Compression Socks?

Diabetes is a life-threatening disease that one should, at any cost, avoid. Diabetes requires lifelong treatment, and sometimes it might also be a threat to your foot. If not observed and treated at the right timings, it might even cause harmful foot infections, leading to other diseases.


Living your life with type 2 diabetes demands you to take great care of your feet and legs. This is where a good pair of socks can help! More specifically, socks with compression as a feature are a must-have item in your diabetes management toolkit. Only practicing foot care and wearing diabetes compression socks can greatly help you prevent possible foot complications.


In short, diabetes isn’t the type of disease to be ignored since you would have to meet with multiple complications in the near future. Continue reading to find out how diabetes and foot are related to each other and how you can help your feet stay healthy and safe from any dangerous foot infection.


How Are Diabetes & Feet Correlated?

Your feet not only help you to walk, but they also contain nerves that are directly connected to the brain. Since diabetes can cause high blood sugar levels, which are contagious and can cause nerve damage, you might also know it as neuropathy.


Brain nerve damage or diabetic neuropathy might cause numbness and swelling in the foot with a sharp piercing pain in both the foot and the toes (worse at night). Alongside your muscles getting weak, your foot might also have an impact of a burning sensation and a possibility of your foot having a deformity or an ulcer.


Even the smallest of the injury on your foot can be harmful to your feet if you have diabetes, so make sure you go to the hospital on time and get it checked as soon as possible. Consult the right doctor to avoid any mishaps and keep your foot free of deadly infections.


What Are Diabetes Compression Socks?

If you have diabetes, it is possible your doctor might have suggested buying diabetes socks. They’re specifically designed and tailored to keep the diabetic patients’ feet free from injuries, infections, and harm.


There are many diabetes compression socks out there that help a patient be protected against many illnesses. Even though the doctor’s recommendation is necessary, making sure the diabetes compression socks meet your requirements is just as necessary.


Difference Between Compression & Diabetes Compression Socks

Compression socks help a person play sports freely without having to worry about getting an ankle sprain or a sports injury. While wearing these socks, there’s a chance of getting better productivity in sports and playing more efficiently.


You can easily avoid medical conditions and blood clots in your foot with the help of compression socks. While compression socks are the best choice for sports, diabetes compression socks are specifically designed for patients with diabetes.


Diabetes compression socks are made for the patient to move around easily even if they’re diagnosed with diabetes to move around freely. There will also be no need to stress out about the disease getting more substantial or increasing in your foot if you have diabetes compression socks.


Benefits of Diabetes Compression Socks

There are many benefits of wearing diabetes compression socks since they help you out immensely with the dangerous disease living inside your body. Most of the common and the most loved benefits of these diabetes compression socks have been listed below for you to acknowledge before you buy them.


  • No Seams
    The socks are not hand-stitched, and neither do they contain seams that could rub against your foot and be the reason for ulcers growing on your foot. Almost all of the diabetic socks are made without seams, bringing you even more comfort.


  • Moisturized
    The inner side of the diabetic socks is also moisturized to help keep your feet free from any germs growing on them and avoid getting the foot dry, just like most compression socks out there.
  • Comfortable Fabrics
    They are also made with breathable fabrics that let your feet stay covered with a fabric that eases up your feet.
  • Improved Blood Circulation
    Since the diabetic compression socksare warm, they help your feet with better blood circulation. They restrict the blood vessels, causing improved circulation to the foot.
  • Less Narrow
    You will also face lesser injuries since there are lesser packed places inside the diabetes compression socks. Thus, the fabric will rub lesser against the skin, resulting in lesser injuries.
  • Packed
    Since it cushions the foot and protects it from injuries, it is a must to have if you’re a diabetic person.


What To Be Aware Of?

You should always be aware of your condition before you plan to buy diabetes compression socks. Only you can understand your condition perfectly, so choose the ones that best align with your requirements and your needs. Always be extra careful if you have low blood circulation and see if it is too tight or too loose for your foot. Diabetic foot injuries can also be worsened if you buy those that do not fit your foot and might even stop the healing process.


Even the slight compression of the socks can be helpful to improve the already worsened blood circulation. Consult your doctor to see if it fits you and if it is the right option for you to opt for, especially if you’re a diabetic patient.


Once you buy diabetes compression socks, make sure to opt for the right shoes as well, only socks won’t help you get rid of the dangers of getting foot injuries or the situation of your foot worsening.


What To Expect?

If you’re lucky enough and have not yet faced neuropathy, then you can easily buy any pair of socks you want. The benefits mentioned above are available in diabetes compression socks, so make sure you buy the one with the doctor’s recommendation and the ones that fit your foot.


If you’ve lost feeling in your foot, then buy socks that don’t rub against your skin, causing further wounds and injuries. You will also be comfortable in these socks, letting your skin stay moisturized, free of germs, and have lesser chances of getting a foot infection.


Wrap Up

Consult your doctor and buy the diabetes compression socks that best fit your needs and let your foot stay as healthy as possible with these socks.

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